Beta (1st edition) available now! The Infected: 28 Cards is available to purchase. The game is feature-complete and fully playable, and some of the cards texts might be slightly modified in the future editions (grammar fixed and possible simplifications). The rulebook is getting updates & being polished.

The Infected: 28 Cards Later

One group. One infected. One heckofa problem.

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The Infected is a cooperative card game featuring hidden traitor. A group of human survivors are fighting for their lives and gathering supplies to make an escape. One of the group members has been infected and is attracting nearby zombies. Will survivors make a successful escape, or will the infected ruin their plans and get every precious but tasty human brain eaten?

NOTICE: Game does not contain printed rulebook. There's a rulebook available as a downloadable PDF file.

Game details

Designed by Juuso Hietalahti, art by Anton Brand

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Rules (2.5 MB) (right click & save)

Rules without images (0.1 MB)

Detailed rulebook (5.8 MB)

Illustrated tutorial (16.8 MB)

Digital edition in development!
There's an upcoming digital edition coming that let's you play solo version of The Infected: 28 Cards Later on your desktop computer (PC, Mac, Linux). Stay tuned.